Alternative vacationing

01.11.07 | 3 Comments

So, the general vacation/travel market offers a number of different option… Fly somewhere and get a hotel, or fly somewhere and be part of an organized tour thing (which I have allergic reactions to), or fly somewhere and figure it out/backpack/work to get your way around/meet people/…complete adventure, or of course cruises (which I’m curious about but not too sure how much I would like it…maybe Alaska in the summer).

But how about renting your own private island? You can do that by the week and with many people. They basically range between $80/week to $230,000/week. I wonder who does that? But it sounds like a lot of fun…a sharp cut from routine for sure!

However, the prices sometimes didn’t make sense as I was browsing the various island options. For example, you can get Utter Inn in Sweden which is an art project by Mikael Genberg which offers an underwater accommodation for $1750/week.
Utter Inn

Or you can get Vahine Island, in French Polynesia, Oceania which is a little corner of paradise…for $436/week!
Vahine Island

Now, I don’t know about you, but choosing between an art project with an underwater bedroom looking into foggy brown water and a beautiful island in Oceania for much less…Very easy to choose! Plus, if the trip included say, 6 people, it would come down to roughly $72 per person for a whole week to stay on a private island…Who wants to come with me?