I auditioned dance companies

01.22.07 | 3 Comments

DanceI’ve been feeling like I want to get involved in the bay area dance scene a little more. There’s various ways for me to do that. I can take classes (which I am), or teach classes (which I’m not too excited about) or I can dance for a company (which would be my preference).

Normally, dance companies audition dancers to work for them, but I want to “audition” companies I would potentially be interested in…

So, the best way for me to know what to aim for…is to see them on stage. And last Wednesday, it so happened there was a showcase at SFSU presenting a wide variety of Bay Area dance companies… How perfect! And how FUN!

Amongst all groups, I was particularly curious about: ODC Dance, Robert Moses Kin, Janice Garret & Dancers, The McCarthy Dance Project, Alex Ketley & The SF Conservatory Dancers, Paco Gomez and dancers, and Soulforce.

So who made Stephanie’s cut?


ODC Dance

They presented a fun trio with great sensuality, playfulness and creativity. I definitely like their style (+ studios!)

Robert MosesRobert Moses’ Kin

All though, I think they’re out of my league, they were incredibly good, intricate and clever. The choreography was profound, emotional and dynamic. High quality dancing!

McCarthy Dance Project

They were a very modern company, with its dynamics and flow. The piece was energetic and interesting, although a bit dark…I definitely felt close to their body language, and could picture myself being comfortable with their choreography.

Paco Gomez and dancers

They presented a very creative piece with boxes of different sizes…even-though the concept was interesting, I felt the dancers or choreography lacked a tiny bit of maturity.


Janice Garret and dancers

They have a definite playfulness to their genre. It was modern with a circus flair. I love watching it, I’m not sure I would enjoy dancing it. But they’re doing a great job in their style, I would love to see other works!


Cute Hip Hop choreographed by Micaya, founder of SF Hip Hop Fest. The dancers were young, the dance had character, wasn’t very hard, but they were tight! Basically, the very entertaining part of the show.

SF Conservatory

They were my biggest deception! The dancers were young, but extremely strong and technically able. But the choreography was a “pretty chaos”. Everything was beautifully done in a big mess of movement that never stopped. I had to close my eyes at some point to rest for a second, because too much was going on. Why is more movement better? Often times, less is more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really thought that all the companies presented were very talented. It has been a very educative night. I can now sleep on what I’ve seen, and focus my energies towards who I thought was worth trying out for.