Oh so impatient!

03.15.07 | 5 Comments

I can’t stop thinking about our trip to France!!! We’re leaving tomorrow and I can’t wait. No really, I cannot wait. My heart beats at an unusual rate today. My chest feels a little tense. My mind, is in French mode. I definitely will be skipping coffee today or I may have a heart attack!
Last night, we started packing already!!! Well, because we did laundry, and might as well just transfer clean clothes into the suitcase than into the closet and back to the suitcase. But it’s the earliest I’ve ever packed! 2 nights before a trip? It’s a first.

I feel like a little kid looking forward to Christmas. And my presents to bring back will be:

-mayonaise (yes, it is better there and it comes in a tube!)
-herbes de provence
-easy bechamel packs
-pralinoise (very little known in America, but so yummy….think hazelnut/almond chocolate cooking bar)
-cool clothes in general
-music (or at least a list of cool stuff)
-books (to keep my French going…plus, I almost finished the one I’m reading right now)
-awesome culinary memories
-awesome adventure memories
-pictures, lots of them!
-the sensation of being replenished by my roots and filled with energy
-the reasons why I don’t live there anymore
-the desire to go back and explore other places
-the desire to explore other places
-less love handles
-inspiration to cook more delicious French stuff

Any other suggestions?