Google’s Notebook Firefox extension rocks!

04.19.07 | Comment?

I have just discovered this radical Firefox extension by Google that allows you to “clip” in a little notebook anything you come accross on the web.

I have been dying to have a tool like that, because when I want to hold on to a link, I end up emailing myself, and the email gets swamped in the middle of the other emails,…It’s a pain in the butt.

But this little guy allows you to save links, select text on a site and save it with the url it came from and you can add your personal comments on it. How cool!

I realize (unfortunately sometimes) that I am using a lot of Google applications (gmail, analytics, reader, docs and spreadsheets, calendar, video and now notebook)…I can’t help it, I love’em!

So if you don’t have it, get it! Google Notebook

What? You don’t have a gmail account? Pfff… help yourself… Gmail

If you don’t have Firefox, definitely get that! Firefox


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