Not much of a talker

04.11.07 | 1 Comment

I am weirdly going through a communicative dryness, which is why I haven’t been posting anything really personal lately.
I am definitely feeling and thinking about lots of things, but can’t quite or don’t feel the need to express them more than maybe a quick list…

-I loved our France trip, but really felt like it was too short or maybe too “travely” and strangely have a hard time talking about it.
-I’m trying to figure out what I really want to do with myself (career). FM? So far, so good, but I’m still doing contract work which puts me in an unstable place.
-I’m sooooooooo frustrated with getting around the city. And living in the city in general right now. Doing the very little bit of things seem to take hours and sooo much effort and lack of control.
-Good things? Well I cooked amazing mushroom croque-monsieurs and a curried broccoli + cheese soup.
-Ah yes, and I signed up to be in a little dance benefit for the homeless, dancing a hip-hop/jazz piece. Fun! But rehearsals happen on Sunday nights, when buses decide they probably don’t need to run anymore and let people stand in the wind and cold with lots of weirdos around coughing and spitting…but the dancing’s fun!

Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not sad. I’m just in a reflective state more than a communicational state. My mind is a bit blury. But I know that everytime I feel this way, something great follows…patience!


1 Comment