We’re back!

04.02.07 | 2 Comments

2 weeks in France…really too short! I could have easily stayed 1 more. It’s OK. We did everything we wanted to do and saw everyone I wanted to see.
To sum it up, we started in Paris for a couple days, then TGVed down to Avignon, trained to Arles, drove to Pertuis going through Les-Beaux-en-Provence, and to Cannes. Spent one small week in Nice and then night trained back to Paris for a couple more days. Justin has the extensive, visual and narrative version of this itinerary, which I don’t intend to duplicate.

And so we’re back since last night and have been to work today. Jet lagged? Yes, I am! The afternoon was rough, and right now I feel like I’m going to collapse on the keyboard. But no!!! I need to stay awake for at least 2 hours.

What should I do? Unpack? Maybe, maybe not. Cruise the net? Maybe, maybe not. Keep writing? Nah, I would make too many typos (if not already). Go read the new Asterix I got? Ah Ha! That sounds like a plan.

Asterix et Latraviata