The Vespa lust came true

05.14.07 | 9 Comments

Justin and I decided to buy a scooter (or more precisely a Vespa) right after he sold his car. That’s maybe…3 weeks ago. We were so excited that that same week, we decided to go through the DMV written test to get our permits, in order to legally be able to ride a scooter in the event we got one really soon. Yeah, well finding a scooter, figuring out which model we want, etc…takes time and lots, no I mean LOTS of thinking.

At 1st, we were almost going to get a Vespa GTS250 new, at Vespa SF because the people were so nice there, the Vespas were so shiny and we felt very excited. But then, we realized we would park it on the street, which would wear it a bit (weather, possible cars bumping into it, etc) so we decided to look for a used one. But hmm…not very many 250’s were on the Craigslist market.

Thinking about it we were wondering if we really needed a 250cc. We could probably get away with a 150cc just fine. But things we needed to consider were things like going uphill on an SF street… would the 150cc be enough power for 2 people on it? Would we get blown off Golden Gate bridge? Is there enough butt space for both of our nicely “cushioned” booties to fit comfortably? Would it be fast/powerful/comfortable enough to ride together up to Sonoma county?

Anyways, to cut the story a bit shorter…we realized we’re such independant individuals that we’ll probably want to ride solo and go where ever we please, when we please!!! Hmm…that changed the equation. We’re now talking about 2 Vespas. Therefore less load on each…we’re probably good with LX150s. And so right before we left for our motorcycle (aka scooter) training course in Santa Rosa this weekend (Justin’s post), I spotted a VERY cute blue 2006 LX150 available on craigslist, in excellent condition for a pretty good price. Heck yeah! So, a few emails later and kabaaam!…the magic is done.

Indeed, as of tonight, we present to you our brand “new” freakin’ sexy blue Vespa!
Oh! My! God! I can’t believe it, it’s true. It has 0 scratches, 836 miles on the odometer, it came with 2 cool white helmets (the perfect sizes for Justin and I), a cover that’s never been unfolded before and a Vespa key chain. Woohoo!

Are you ready for some blue Vespa porn? (well…maybe that sounds too dirty…let’s just say… mind blowing eye candy…how’s that? Yeah that sounds too conservative…whatever, just enjoy!)

A view from a bottom angle…Mmmm!
2006 LX150 Hot baby blue

And who’s that newly very Hot babe? That’s me baby!
Steph windblown on the Vespa

A little Justin play on mirrors…yep, that’s me you can see! What an artist!
Mirror effect

Ok, here’s the “with the helmet” shot…not bad after all.
Steph with the helmet

Oh shiny tires and chrome…take me places!
Wheel shot

And on the road I go… riding it home was easy, smooth, comfy and it felt grrreeeaatt!

Now it’s Justin’s turn to find one…beware, he may have a lead. DUN Dun dun….