Dance and a movie

07.02.07 | 1 Comment

This weekend, we saw 2 very good pieces of art. One was dance and the other was a movie.

Scott Wells duetSaturday, after a day of cleaning and cooking, my Dad and Sabine met us in the city and we went to see a dance show at ODC theater. It was the Scott Wells and Dancers company, also referred to as the kamikaze dances. Yep, they jumped, spun, threw themselves around, flew, climbed, fell, smashed into each-other and all with great precision and humor.

Scott Wells chairThe show was highly entertaining, light and pretty amazing at times. They had a great piece originally created in 1991 and revisited this year, which involved a couch. The way they threw themselves and each-other in that couch made me want to do the same! It’s like being a kid again and fearless of getting hurt.

Ratatouille posterThe other artful event we went to was Ratatouille, the Pixar animation.

I give it my 4 thumbs up! Yes, I’m counting my feet thumbs too, ’cause that’s how much I loved it!!!
It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s original, it talks about great food, smells, taste, wine with a Parisian twist. Any food lover would appreciate it.

Thomas Keller, chef/owner of The French Laundry was the “key consultant on French Cuisine” for the Pixar team and even voiced one of the minor characters.

You better have eaten before, because it’s going to make you hungry!


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