I almost had to pay for shoes I already owned

08.27.07 | Comment?

I had a quite funny dream a few nights ago…


I wanted to go to a fancy hotel lounge with Justin and some other faceless person. But as we got closer, I realized I forgot my shoes at the downtown payless shoes store earlier when I tried some shoes on. So, I was wondering if I could sneak myself in, wearing my very generic white socks, but it didn’t work.
So, I decided to go back to the store and recup my shoes.

I get there and have a conversation sounding like this:

– “Hi, I was here earlier and I seemed to have forgotten my shoes on my way out. Could I get them back?”
– “Oh, the brown shoes? These are payless shoes, so there’s no way for us to verify if they belong to you or to the store. I’m afraid you will have to re-purchase them.”
-“Re-purchase them? Are you kidding me? I’m not going to buy something I already bought!”
-“We need you to fill out some paperwork” and the lady brings me to the back area, looking like a wearhouse, where they have all the shoes. Another lady is in there and carries on the conversation…

-“Yeah, I can’t just give you the shoes, you will have to re-purchase them.”
I sense a slight French accent and ask her if she’s French. Indeed it was the case. So, while she prints out a ton of paperwork and fills out stuff, we talk about our Frenchness. She then looks at me and sighs. She grabs the shoebox where my already purchased shoes were stored in and gives it to me.

-“Here. You should go right now. The cameras are looking away and nobody’s back here. I’ll let you go if you you leave right now through this back door.”

-“Oh… thank you!”
I hold on to the shoebox tightly and leave through the somewhat hidden backdoor. I’m then plunged into the bright and busy downtown scene, with my half-stolen/already paid for shoes, still wearing my socks.

I put the shoes on and we are able to enter the hotel/lounge.
We get there, and apparently there weren’t any spots left for us. So, a waitress brings us to a booth where a guy is finishing up his meal and is talking on his cell phone. Indicating us to sit next to him, she says: “Here you go. He’ll be done shortly”. Weird! So we slide in. The dude is still on the phone. He finally leaves and we’re very confused as far as what sort of fancy place like this would dare mixing incoming people with outgoing ones.


And then the dream went off in weider directions involving being in France and being chased by clouds of angry bees and trying hide from them. Neither here nor there. I just like the shoe part.


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