Gettin’ Ready for Salt Lake

09.26.07 | 1 Comment

I realized that prepping for this Salt Lake trip has started the day that I knew Loose Change was auditioning…that’s 4 months ago.

Loose Change in Salt Lake

This last month was especially strenuous. We went from 3 rehearsals a week to 4 and 5 last week. As a matter of fact last Saturday was when I hit energy rock bottom. My body did NOT want to move anymore and my mind sort of gave out. But on Sunday, after good sleep, Justin’s sweetness, some personal time and a Naked energy drink, all went fine for our 3.5 hrs rehearsal. (BTW, it didn’t wire like it wired Justin!)

I surprised myself packing before hand (never before-seen in Stephanie’s packing habits), so all is left for me to get in the suitcase is my toothbrush. Nice!

So, right now, I feel excited, exhausted, inspired, numb, calm with butterflies in my stomach. Quite a weird mix to handle. But I’m just letting things go through me at this point.

Deep breath.

Here we go!


1 Comment