The After-math

09.17.07 | 4 Comments

Yep, Saturday night was the first big night for Loose Change. We performed in front of people!… to raise money for your show in Salt Lake. It went really well, we had lots of food, lots of people, lots of dancing and hopefully lots of money (not sure yet how much we made).

I felt so lucky that my friends and family made it all the way from the north and east bay. It meant a lot for me that they were here, to witness all the hard work I’ve put into being part of this quite awesome dance company.

Justin BBQ

Here are some illustrations of the event:

Justin barbecued I don’t know how many burger patties, veggie burgers, a tri-tip, some chicken, etc… for probably 100 people.

He totally rocked it with Jessica’s dad, John. He, as you can very well tell, was wearing an apron and the very Ratatouille-like chef’s hat. Definitely made an impression!

On the left, we see him in full fanning action to get the damn charcoal to start. It took a while, but turned out to be flammin’. (We “fed” him lots of beer to get through the exhausting task).

Below, one of the rare photos that came out… courtesy of Claudine’s friend, Calmenda
Loose Change group

Eric moves so fast that it looks like he’s got 6 arms!
Phantom Arms

Last pic that came out OK… Oh and the one up-side-down, that’s me!

Here ya go, that’s the gist :) Salt Lake is around the corner! Yikes… so excited!