Flic Flac Floc

10.12.07 | 2 Comments

Today was the official first rainy day since I got my Vespa (in May). I actually am really happy it rained, nature really could use it.

The only thing is… riding in the rain. It wasn’t that bad this morning, as I was mentally prepared not to ride too fast, not to go in between car, not to turn on painted areas and just to be extra-cautious, as I know some drivers freak out when there’s water on the road. Drivers, think about it, you’re protected! I’m on 2 wheels, with no roof or windshield wipers and still on the road!!!

The only uncomfortable thing was getting my legs wet. I need to get some rainproof pants. My thighs got wet on top and my jacket was dripping right into my crotch… the wind made everything so cold that I felt like it was burning!

Luckily, I was smart enough to bring a change of pants to work, so I could ensure being dry all day. Yipee me!

PS: “Flic Flac Floc ” or “Flic Floc” is apparently a French only way of referring to rain or puddles… how is it in English?