Vicki’s groove… good times!

10.19.07 | Comment?

I come to work this week and what’s laying over my keyboard? An open Bohemian newspaper (the North Bay cousin of San Francisco’s Guardian). I look again, and I’m like: “Oh my goodness, it’s Vicki!”

The Bohemian newspaper did an article on Santa Rosa’s Dance Center emphasizing their non-competitiveness.

The Dance Center is the studio I used to teach at full time and seeing my former director Vicki in the center page of the Bohemian, brought back lots of happy memories and, well, felt a bit of nostalgia.
This studio is the biggest of its region and probably the biggest of most regions! I’ve always admired Vicki for her love for the art, and the ability to run such a studio for all these years!!! How do you do it? It takes some pretty darn solid dedication!… and patience with parents :)

Vicki Suemnicht on the Bohemian

Even though I’m really happy about how my life is “laid out” right now, I do miss teaching a little, coming up with choreographical concepts, being creative and feeling like I contribute to a younger person’s life in a positive way.

But I can’t complain! I have a very fulfilling job, that is at a higher level than I could ever imagine myself capable of handling, I get to dance in an awesome SF company, I get to travel and do cool stuff, and the best… I live with the man of my life. Believe me, my life is NOT boring!

So I guess it’s one of those moments when I look back at my life and say, man I lucky! I did pretty awesome things in the past and now I’m still doing awesome things, even if they have a different face.
Dance is definitely essential in some shape or form in my life. Creativity is too. So, even if I’m still on my teaching sabbatical, it doesn’t mean I’ll never go back to it. The crazy thing is that I think that I could do it all. I just need to be in the right mindset. I need a little more time.

Bravo Vicki for sticking around and enabling great instructors to share successfully this very weird and challenging passion that is dance!


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