Who said I couldn’t dress up AND ride my Vespa?

10.31.07 | 12 Comments

Yes, this is my helmet! YES, I rode over the Golden Gate Bridge this morning with it on!!


Pictures in action to come!

UPDATE: More Pics and a video!!!


MORE UPDATES: The real story unveilled…

As Bri commented, I failed to mention that this was NOT my Vespa, it was Justin’s. Mine is baby blue, and super hot, but not for a witch! However still, I titled the post saying “ride my Vespa”… Well, I suppose that I was such in character and needing so much black that it very much felt like my own for a minute (and it’s the same power, same model (LX150), just slightly newer…essentially the same to ride).

We wanted to dress Justin as a fairy or a princess riding my baby blue Vespa, but never got to making a costume for that. Maybe next year… as I think this one will be my recurring Vespa costume for all eternity. Why? Because I haven’t sewn this much in a verrry long time and I don’t intend to do so in a verrrry long time!

That’s right, to make the helmet wig secure, it took a lot of work. I actually wish I took photos of the step by step process because man, it was a PROCESS!

~ First, I was given a black t-shirt I could just cut and tear. This was for the base of the masterpiece. I put it over the helmet made sure it could go through the visor and under into the inside of the helmet.
~ Then I put the wig over it and stretched it tight. I sewed (by hand!!!) the entire circonference of the tightened wig onto the t-shirt.
~ Then, I took a piece of bright orange felt and figured out how to make a cone,…by trial and error. I secured it with safety pins and sewed the entire circonference of the cone hat and the seem up to its tip.
~Last, I found a jack-o-lantern witch pattern online, which I cut out into black felt and glued it on the side of the hat.
~When I was ready to ride, I left enough fabric to stay inside the helmet, so my head would act as a safety pin, but I also safety pinned it at 6 various spots on the helmet foam.

When you ride with that thing at 55mph, it definitely gives resistance and you don’t want anything to fly away or distract you from the road.
Mission accomplished!