Meaning behind the Amazing

11.17.07 | Comment?

I got to see program A of SF Hip Hop Fest last night. Well, it was mind blowing!!!! and really bad at the same time. Why bad? Well because the pressure’s on for us to be as good for tonight’s show as all these outstanding companies! Yikes!

Hip Hop seems to be evolving (or going back) to a light, fun, narrative or conceptual direction. Very little dances were just dancing with formation changes and tricks. If formation changes and tricks there were, it was within a clear concept or idea that lead the whole piece. I could write and talk about that show all day long… but I’ll try to sum it up and tell you what and who stood out. Quite frankly, I can’t tell which is my favorite.

DS Players from San Jose

Man these guys are smooth! In their long tuxes, and old school style, they captivate and don’t let you go!

Over The Influence from Vancouver

They rocked the house! With their janitor concept, in working overalls, using brooms, rolling planks, handkerchiefs, they were light, funny, so refreshing. I didn’t want them to stop!

Mind Over Matter from San Francisco

If Allan Frias can do something, it’s sexy! Prison scene, with rolling wire fences brilliantly dividing up the stage using transparency. With girls dancing dominatrix style and boys hooking up (very graphically) at a bench press, this piece kept your jaw dropped and at the edge of your seat the whole time. I was a bit in shock of its R rated staging, but after all… why not! All of it was beautifully executed.

Funk Beyond Control (FBC) from San Francisco

I think they have the best dancing kids ever!!! Awesome concept portraying entertainment for a king and his royal surroundings. They used all sorts of styles including Belly Dancing. Their costumes were an ancient royal/hip hop mix. It totally worked and was a great way to manage a huge group of dancers. Loved it!

Mop Top from New York

OK. Check out this video:

Imagine this b-girl, in a Dorothee outfit, with red booty shorts doing the same thing. Yeah, she kicked ass! The rest of the group was very cool too, especially the tin man. It was the Wizzle to the Izzle!

Neopolitan from Oakland

Mix of Afro and Hip Hop. I’ve rarely seen such a clean dance going so fast with movements that can easily look mushy. I was hypnotized the whole time!

FootworKINGz from Chicago

So what do you think their forte is? That’s right, footwork, man! Their little feet went so fast that my eyeballs couldn’t keep up. The most impressive part? When all their little feet went crazy and in sync!! It’s like insane tap, but hip hop style. Man, amazing!

Can’t wait to see what’s in Program B!


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