Austin Family

12.25.07 | 1 Comment

Justin and I flew to Austin, TX for Christmas to see his lovely family. This year, I took advantage of the little extra time we planned to stay, to visit for the first time in many, MANY years, my family who also lives there.

Kelly is my grandfather’s half brother’s daughter. We had a wonderful brunch in their lovely home and took the old pictures box out! A treasure of late ’70s memories. Justin got to see me as a toddler, as well as my Mom with her super long blond hair and my Dad with his beard and dark sunglasses.

David, Kelly’s husband, who is a professional photographer, treated me with scanning all these photos and put them on a CD. What a precious collection!

Below, here we are all on their front porch.
My Austin Family
From left to right: Justin, Aaron, Stephanie, Benjamin, Kelly and David

Oh and Kelly’s sister is Jill, who we saw in California last August. Just connecting the dots…


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