Typical ride home…

12.18.07 | 1 Comment

Since Justin and I both live in San Francisco, work in Sausalito and both ride our own Vespa, some nights conversations go something like this…


First stop light on Lombard St after crossing the Golden Gate bridge:
— Hey!
— How’s it goin’? (Light turns green)

Second stop light:
Pretty good, you? (Light turns green)
— (Nod)

Third stop light:
— Good… I’m hungry! Are you hungry?
Nah, not so much (Light turns green)

Fourth stop light:
— I’m reeeaallly hungry! Wanna stop at Trader Joe’s or something?
Uh, I don’t know.
— Yeah I guess we don’t really have bags.
Yeah, I don’t know… I mean we can…. (Light turns green)

Fifth stop light:
— Nah we don’t have to. We can just make some of that Indian lentil stuff we have at home.
Yeah… (Light turns green)

Sixth stop light:
Yeah, I was sorta thinking salad would be good.
— Oh, we can do salad. We can stop at Trader Joe’s and get salad. (Light turns green)

Sixth stop light:
Well, I was thinking Cala*. To just get a bag of lettuce with… (Light turns green)

Seventh stop light:
— With what?
— Bag of lettuce with what?
Oh, with ham and almonds with a little balsamic vinaigrette. (Light turns green)

Eighth stop light:
— Ooo that sounds great! Maybe we should pick up some bread too. (Light turns green)

Ninth stop light:
Sho, that’s cool.
— So, should we make a left on Clay and a right on Hyde? Oh wait, we can just do a left on Bush and up Larkin and a right on California… Yeah, that’s probably too complicated.
How about we just park the Vespa home and walk to Cala*? (Light turns green)
— (Big nods)

Tenth stop light:
— Ha, yes! Much better plan.
Okie. (Light turns green and we ride home)

* Crappier grocery store but much closer to where we live.


As you can tell, the only way for us to exchange more than 2 sentences is to be stuck at a stop light. Conversations are very chopped up and sometimes hard to follow, but we somehow manage to make some decisions! And so tonight, we had a lovely, flavor packed salad.

Thank you Red Lights, we couldn’t have done it without you!


1 Comment