Ruelle du Vieux nice

01.10.08 | 4 Comments

One of my urges lately is to create. To be artistic. I used to choreograph and paint all the time and now I’m not. I’m not closing my eyes anymore, to visualize something and make it happen outside of my brain. I still don’t really have the need or energy to get back into creating movement, so I decided to take out the paint brush again.

Since it’s been a while I haven’t dipped these tiny little hairs into the wet paint, I decided not to go free flow and to actually use somewhat of a model. I don’t really have a style, I don’t have a “stroke”, I like painting things that look like something or that is completely abstract or that is the fruit of a concept without an aesthetic purpose. But in this case, it’s the picture of a very small street in the old Nice that inspired me.

Ruelle du Vieux Nice photo

I actually started this painting months ago. I looked at it, put it away, added some more stuff, put it away again and finally tonight I took it back out to make the final little color changes and accents I wanted to add.

You’ll see that I simplified a lot of details and only kept the ones I found interesting. I also was true to the color scheme but not to its arrangement. I added a little bit of texture to the wall, so that they wouldn’t look like I just filled in a coloring book.

Ruelle du Vieux Nice Painting

The colors of the photo of the painting are not quite true to the original hues, but pretty close.
I’m not sure what I think about it yet… I just know that it doesn’t hurt my eyes and it felt good doing it… so I guess I’m pretty satisfied.