The great ’07

01.01.08 | 1 Comment

2007 was an exceptional year of growth. I think I’ve accomplished many things, went many places, met or reconnected with lots of people, moved my body… and I actually feel a little smarter than last year.

Here are some highlights…

  • I got a new job
  • I joined a dance company (Loose Change)
  • Rehearsed a LOT with Loose Change
  • Paid off my credit card debt
  • Got a Vespa (and a new helmet is coming soon, yey!)
  • I traveled to France, Utah, las Vegas, Buffalo NY, North Carolina, up and down California
  • Hiked about 30 or more times in National Parks, State Parks and San Francisco
  • Went camping 3 times (in the woods, at the beach and at Bryce Canyon)
  • Started a family tree
  • Was on stage 8 times
  • Not so great (can’t be all great!)… had some claustrophobic instances
  • Painted a little
  • I met or reconnected with 3 relatives and their families
  • I reconnected with old friends from college, high school and even elementary school. I want to blog about this…
  • I feel more in love with Justin every day

Things I did for the first time…

  • Make a “blanquette de veau” which was delicious
  • Went to Paris!
  • Snowshoed
  • Dressed up as a Pirate
  • Dressed up as a witch on a Vespa
  • Hiked in a river
  • Had a massage (1st in a VERY long time)
  • Met Justin’s grandparents
  • Feel like I have a job that makes me smarter
  • Saw the ball drop on TV for New Years
  • … I’m forgetting lots of first times…

People around me also influenced my year in a great way, like my sister having her baby, Luna, and my Dad getting his American citizenship and Eveline having her baby, Zacharie.

What about resolutions? Nah..not for me. I know that if I force myself to make a list of changes, I won’t do it. If I need change, I will feel it in my guts, I don’t need a date to be set for this and I just trust myself to always want to evolve, move forward and keep growing. Staying balanced and happy is my year-round resolution, and it takes work! It’s just not on a list.

Looking back at the year that just went by makes me feel pretty strong and wondering how I can top it off! But at the rate I feel like I’m growing, I think I’ll be just fine.

This New Year starts very Happy!


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