Vieux-Nice painting: Act IV

10.18.08 | 2 Comments

It’s texture time! After sketching the outlines and laying the first set of colors, I had a much better idea of where I wanted to go with different sections. This time I focused on the walls and sky.

I use a patting technique which just feels good to me, I have no idea what I’m really doing. It allows me to make mistakes and fix them either right away or later. It also allows me to use multiple colors on my brush without actually mixing them. That way they sort of blend on the canvas but sometimes just lay the original hue.

Next, I paid a little more attention to balconies, windows and doorways. I wanted to start giving the canvas a little bit more of a three dimensional feel. To do that, I used mostly gray tones and played with some light shadows.

Next I will focus on the center part of the painting giving some love to the church, the restaurants and the foreground.

The whole process:
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