Viva la Diva Cup!

11.08.08 | 15 Comments

Four months ago, Justin sent me this link. First, I thought… hmm interesting, how did you even hear about this? Turns out it’s a (male) friend of his who sent him the link in the first place… boys these days….

At first my face was going through all sorts of confused expressions. What the heck is the Diva Cup? Then I understand, but I’m still a little confused. And then it clicks. Brilliant!!!

It’s been three months I haven’t used any tampons or pads at all during my menstrual cycles. Amazing!
I feel like I am doing a favor to the earth by not buying and throwing away products that I’m sure are hard or impossible to recycle. Instead, I empty a silicone cup, wash it and use it again. It totally changed my menstrual life and believe it or not, I actually look forward to it every month.

(Please stop reading if you don’t want to get more details)

Here are some observations I’ve made during these three months:

1) I need to “change” a lot less and therefore “plan” a lot less.

Before, I knew I needed about 4-6 tampons a day on my 2 heaviest days and a “super plus” tampon for night time if I didn’t want to get up in the middle of the night and change.
Now, I “empty” twice, maybe 3 times a day. Morning – When I come back from work – Before I go to bed.

2) Practical facts:

– I actually don’t need to hide any tampons in my pants or bring my purse to the public bathroom. I’m totally “period incognito”!
– I don’t have to worry about where the string is placed to avoid it getting caught in my underwear and make me walk funny (do you ladies have that problem too?)
– It doesn’t leak.
– It doesn’t smell
– It doesn’t suck out the moisture of my inners.

3) Horrific but fascinating fact:

When you empty the cup in the toilet, well, you see blood. I didn’t realize how unsettling it was to see my own blood in a liquid form versus imbibed in a high-tech absorbent fabric. At first, I went “ughhh” and then I went “woaaaa”. Every time I would “empty” it, I would be amazed at witnessing what my body is able to create. I mean it totally looks like you’ve killed something and want to hide the evidence. It’s actually pretty funny!

I have a weird sense of humor sometimes.

Anyways ladies, I recommend it. I use it. I love it. You should try it!