Stephanie’s Holiday Firsts ’08

12.23.08 | 2 Comments

Ok. I’ve been on blogacation for the past month. Definitely not because I had nothing to say, lots actually happened.

We went to Joshua Tree National Park for Thanksgiving, I turned 30 shortly after, Justin turned 29, work got a little busy, we went a bunch of Holiday related parties, and finally flew to Austin, TX to visit Justin’s parents.

I don’t know why, but for the past month I have not wanted to be on a computer when I’m not at work. And guess what? Right now I’m not at work and I’m blogging from my iPhone which doesn’t feel like a computer… yet.

In any case, everytime we visit Justin’s family, they make sure I learn a new American tradition and in return in Frenchify something ( normally food… and this time it will be raclette!). One time I iced cookies for the first time and this time, I made my very first gingerbread house… Including icicles!!!

Check it out…

Not bad huh?

I’m really proud of the icicles. Maybe beginner’s luck?