01.27.09 | 1 Comment

The word “ragnagnas” is a common French name referring to a woman’s menstrual cycle (yes, I’m talking about this again) and it has a slight “annoyed” sound to it. Try saying it with a bit of a frown and it will make perfect sense. Rah-nyah-nyah!

Like most women, I get pretty -ultra- sensitive around the time they start. And then I get frustrated with things, or even down until I realize that I’ll be starting my ragnagnas the next day and it puts everything in perspective.

On Justin’s wise advice, I started putting them on my Google calendar so I can see when they’re due and make sense of any anxiety by looking at the date. It’s something’s I’ve never done.

Funny thing is, a few days ago he asked me: “What’s Rag-nag-nas? Is that a dance class you go to?”

I love my man’s candor, it totally could have been an ethnic dance class or the name of a Flamenco teacher, but after laughing my head off, I had to reveal to him my little secret.


1 Comment