Making chevre

02.01.09 | 1 Comment

Justin and I started making cheese this past month or so. It’s like being the author of a magic trick, it’s so awesome! We started out with Mozzarella and Ricotta. After a couple batches of each cheese, I was ready to branch out. What about goat cheese? Yes!

On a trip to Santa Rosa, we got some culture, molds and goat milk (at Trader Joe’s). The process was relatively easy… basically heat up the milk at a certain temperature, then add the culture and the rennet, stir and let sit over night.

In the morning, we scooped the coagulated curds into 4 chevre molds.

Checking them in the evening, they shrunk to about half their size!

The following morning we un-molded the now fairly hard cheeses to begin the air drying process.

We salted the whole surface of each cheese.

And the 3rd morning we made a delicious chevre omelet. Yummmmm!


1 Comment