Simple lunch

05.27.09 | 2 Comments

For lunch, I normally get either a sandwich, a salad, sushi, Thai, Koren, Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean or on rare occasions, a pizza. I also bring leftovers from home once in a while. But what I love most, is making myself a little, simple salad.

Today, one big heirloom tomato from the farmer’s market I got yesterday, basil and Bravo Farms Gouda. I always have olive oil at my desk, as well well as salt and pepper.

And voila!

(iPhone pic)

Most people who sees me prepare my little salad at work just drool over how colorful, wholesome and healthy this looks. It took me 5 minutes to prepare and cost me about $5.

I’m blogging about it while I’m eating it and I’m enjoying every bite!