A typical day on the ship

09.14.10 | 3 Comments

We’ve been on the ship for a solid week now and I feel like we’re getting a hang of things. Oh and by the way, we will only refer to this ship as a ship, since we got our wrists slapped by the captain when we called it a boat. “Sacrilège”! But don’t worry, we’ve made peace. Whenever we get it wrong, he now laughs (and probably thinks to himself… poor idiots, they’ll never make it 28 days on my ship, muah ha ha).

Moving on. Our days on the ship seem to be similar to a prix fixe menu. Pick 2-3 items per course:

– Sleep in and miss breakfast
– Wake up at 8am and have breakfast
– Exercise (yoga on the deck or cardio in the gym)
– Shower/tidy the room/do laundry
– Read outside on the deck
– Go up to the bridge* and chat with Jeoffrey (3rd Mate) until noon.


– Nap
– Blog
– Nap?
– Take a walk around the ship
– Sit on a deck chair and space out or read
– Nap!
– Work on a crochet project
– Watch the waves/clouds/other ships
– Draw/paint/take photos
– Have a beer/snack


– Read
– Keep working on crochet project
– Sip on some wine
– Watch a DVD
– Go to the bridge* and observe how dark nights are
– Post on blog
– Draw/paint
– Play cards
– Write about the day in a journal

In any given day, we never do all of the above… maybe two or three items per chunk of day (if we feel especially productive). Needless to say, this is very relaxing and no boredom is to be found yet.

*The bridge is the navigation room at the very top of the superstructure we stay in. It’s probably the coolest spot of the ship. More on that later.