Luge in Queenstown

10.30.10 | Comment?

Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world… and rightfully so, you can do anything you could possibly imagine would get your blood pumpin’. From the original bungy jump to jetboating on river rapids to paragliding to “heli-hiking” to swinging over a gorge to skidiving, you name it. Of course all activities cost about $150 and up, so you could leave your entire wallet here very easily.

While we were in Queenstown, the weather was pretty moody, so we couldn’t really get into anything highly outdoorsy (or let’s say… we didn’t want to). To keep our spendings up, we did walk around town and find some good deals on Merino Wool shirts, which are a New Zealand pride and are supposed to be the wonder-garment for travelers… it doesn’t stink. So there, Queenstown, we still contributed to the economic well-being of the lovely alpine town that you are.

View of Lake Wakatipu from the Skyline Complex.

We did however take advantage of some blue sky patches to hike up to the Skyline Complex and ride the luge. It was the cheapest activity to do and as it turns out… it was a lot of fun!

Justin, ready to luge!

Down I go on the luge with the stunning scenery in the background. Justin was holding the camera with two fingers while handling the luge and with all the vibrations of the track, the camera stopped recording after a bit, but at least you can get a feel of the ride. Weeeee!


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