Conquering a crevasse

11.05.10 | 7 Comments

A few days ago we were in glacier land in New Zealand and we decided to take a day-long guided hike on the Franz Josef Glacier. There’s a lot I could say about this hike, but right now, I’d like to focus on my fears.
The morning of the hike, the guide company showed us on a laminated print some features we’d be seeing during the day and how far up the glacier we were going.

Those of you who know me well, know that I have a tendency to be claustrophobic. I don’t like feeling stuck (literally and figuratively). At the time we signed up, I had no idea we would be going through tight crevasses and ice caves. The “cool” features. Eeeck! That immediately triggered an “Oh no! I don’t want to get stuck!” feeling in me.

All morning, we hiked “on” the glacier which was absolutely mind blowing (and we’ll post more photos about that). After lunch, that’s when we started going “in” the glacier.

I was then presented with this extremely cool but slightly intimidating crevasse we were going to walk through.

I kept my smile going into it…

Umm this is getting a little tight…

Whoa those walls are tall…

Ahh, get me outta here!

The axe! I can get out with the axe!

Bah don’t worry, this is just play. I really was nervous, but thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Being in a glacier crevasse is quite mind boggling, therefore totally worth it. In front of the coolness of this natural phenomenon, poof poof my fears went away.