A lunch in Bali

12.31.10 | 4 Comments

We had lunch at the little place where we snapped all the scooter photos. It was a small, cute, indoor-outdoor “hole-in-the-wall” across from the market called Cafe Kopi, and they offered Balinese food at Balinese prices.

Justin ordered one of Bali’s signature drinks, the young coconut water. It is served in the freshly opened coconut with some lime, sometimes sugar and ice. They also provide a spoon to scoop off the tender “meat” from the lid and the inside. On top of having excellent re-hydration properties, it is delicious and it looks just so exotic.

I was feeling a little more bubbly and ordered the ginger-lemongrass-fizz. It was sweet, tangy, spicy, so delicious! I am officially in love with any combination of ginger, lime, lemongrass, mint and some bubbles.

Food-wise, Justin had the Mie Goreng (fried noodles) which I don’t have a picture of, so sorry! I, on the other hand, had a photogenic Gado-Gado. An assortment of steamed or blanched vegetables presented in a cabbage wrap, with a hard boiled egg, potatoes, tofu, tempeh and lots of thick peanut sauce. Yumo-yumo!

For all this delicious food and delightful drinks, the total bill came to about $7. A pretty sweet deal for being stuffed, refreshed and entertained.