Along the Mekong

02.23.11 | 3 Comments

From Saigon, we went to Cambodia via the Mekong Delta. We did it as part of a 3 day tour which eventually dropped us off in Phnom Penh by boat. The journey was very interesting. The group tour aspect, not so much. It’s not really our normal style of exploration. However, we did get to experience and see cool things we otherwise couldn’t have.

They took us on a canoe ride through a narrow jungley chunk of the delta. Very exciting, especially knowing that there are crocs around. “Keep your hands inside the boat!” we were told.

This is the type of canoe we were in. I call it a canoe, but maybe it was just a really small boat.

I love these hats!

This is the dusty road that lead to the boat that lead to the homestay we stayed at the 1st night.

Sunrise on the river.

We went to the small local “squatter’s” market. Amongst many things, they had meat.

And fish (most were still breathing).

We visited a rice-paper making factory. They would dry the rice paper sheets in the sun.

Visiting the floating market, our boat was accosted by floating cafes… small boats offering coffee, tea, sodas… and in this case lots of bananas.

Life on the Mekong offered a variety of sights. Row boats, motor boats, personal, commercial or tourist boats, big and sometimes really small…

… as well as the houses on the banks of the river. Some were on stilts (like below), while others would literally be floating.

I can’t think of a better way to get to Cambodia.