Island hopping fun

02.04.11 | 2 Comments

The whole point of us going to the Philippines was to visit our good friend from the Cap Cleveland, Jeoffrey (and his fiancĂ©e Fatima). He graciously invited us into his home about 100km north of Iloilo to spend four incredible days. Aside from tasting all the delicious food, one of the major highlights was to go island hopping with his family and friends on a fishing boat. What a memorable day! Here’s a little photo series to complement Justin’s post.

The four of us chillin’ on the fishing net.

Justin taking a photo on the outrigger while we were moving.

There was lots of action on the boat like all the men pulling the thick rope together to start the engine.

Or this guy pumping water out (ugh yeah… good idea).

Landing on the Sandbar Beach was pretty glorious.

The water was warm, clear and shallow.

We had some fun taking action shots.

Weeeee… jumping is so much fun.

This is an open Jackfruit bulb… one of the many delicious fruits we ate that day.

The boys played in the water for hours (Jan-Jan, Justin, Jeoffrey)

Don’t forget your flip flops, Justin!

On our way back to shore, I laid on the fishing net, which was very comfortable. Thinking I was asleep, Jan-Jan and Justin played with the camera.

Justin, making friends and “learning” Tagalog and Ilonggo by repeating all the names of the islands and fishing villages we went by. It made for good laughs.