Cambodian glow

04.03.11 | Comment?

We saw these guys near the Angkor Wat temple near Siem Reap, of which I could post a million pictures. Sure, the temples were breath-taking, but what I will always remember from our relatively short stay in Cambodia, is the warm, happy, smiley people who live there. Sure, not everyone rides in a pickup truck, but we found smiles at every street corner, in rice paddies, in temples, at the market.

On our last day in Siem Reap, we were asked, as per the usual, “Tuk tuk? Go see temples?” a million times in 50 yards. To this one guy, instead of our normal “no, thank you”, we responded “sorry, we’re flying today”. The guy leaped out of his tuk-tuk with excitement and a huge smile saying “My tuk-tuk has wings! Look!” as he unrolls the plastic flaps of his tuk-tuk and waves them like the wings of a flying bird. We all had a pretty good laugh. We were sad to leave.


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