Weaving class Part II: weaving

04.11.11 | 4 Comments

The first part of the class was to learn dyeing techniques at Ock Pop Tok and then came the serious stuff… weaving.

This was my workstation: the loom.

It was a little overwhelming at first, but I got the hang of it after a while.

This was my view: the first few rows, the million strings everywhere, the shuttle, my feet on the bamboo pedals.

Making the first motif was really challenging. The logic was not evident at first. Thank goodness the whole time my teacher was watching with attentive eyes.

Then came the very long stretch… 80 cm of purple.

Finally, the last motif. By then I was a little more confident.

Here is the action for 2 motif rows (of course I’m at snail speed compared to the pros and don’t know the lingo):

1: Take motif string up (white vertical strings), separate the white strings well, to make the specific row we need
2: Insert the wooden separator in between the black strings by lifting the front white strings on both sides
3: Flip the separator vertical
4: Pass the shuttle with the red silk through, align well
5: Flip separator horizontal and tap in sharply
6: Press the right pedal down
7: Pass the shuttle with the purple silk through, align
8: Release pedal and tap in sharply
9: Repeat 3 – 8 the opposite way

My teacher and I with the final product: a 120cm raw silk scarf with a traditional Lao motif. This is probably the best class I’ve ever taken.