Yoga Part II: Adho Mucho Hardasana

04.21.11 | 4 Comments

Day 1 – Monday

Weather: Gorgeous.
Yoga: 1st class – very hard. Shaky legs, brain thinking “Really? I’m going to have to do this twice a day? What the heck? How can I drop out?”
Pranayama (breathing) and the lecture were good.
2nd class – better for my mind but harder for my body. Couldn’t do everything, I’m so out of shape.
Other activity:
– Before the 1st class I told the very nice manager “Wim” about the broken sink. Funny thing is, when we enter the room… my curtain was on the ground! What the heck? Am I some sort of destruction machine? He thought that the curtain was the issue and said “No problem, easy, easy, easy.” I kindly explained that it actually was not the problem and led him to the bathroom. He screamed and covered is mouth with his hands, looking at me with “how the heck did that happen?” in his eyes. I explain what happened and he was very nice about it. “Easy, very easy. No problem” he said about 15 times. He made me change rooms to a similar one next door refusing for me to pay anything for the sink.
– After the 2nd class’ sweat-fest, with Dee (a fellow student), we put on our swim suits and headed to the beach. After a good dip, we had dinner with our feet in the sand. Pretty freakin’ great.
– I try to call Justin, but I have no signal.
– I’m wondering if I’ll be able to handle the yoga classes.
– I’m loving the island and scooting around.

Day 2 – Tuesday

Weather: Gorgeous + brief rain at dinner time.
Yoga: 1st class – I cry more than half the class. Uncontrollably. I still did everything, but with a wet face and wiping snot every two seconds. I figured I’d let myself because clearly something was coming out.
2nd class – slightly easier than the 1st day, but my body is pretty sore.
Other activity:
– Had lunch and a diph in the sea with Dee.
– Got another sim card to be able to call Justin… it works except it looks like he doesn’t have signal at the Elephant Park. Grrr.
– emotionally pretty drained.
– frustrated about not being able to get in touch with Justin
– feeling lucky to be in such a gorgeous place

Day 3 – Wednesday

Weather: Rain
Yoga: both classes feel ok, but my body is very sore. Ouch.
Other activity: nothing… I stay at the retreat all day
– I try to rest my body as much as possible.
– I wish I could call Justin.

Day 4 – Thursday

Weather: Rain, rain. Forecast says it’s a 5 day storm, should stop on Sunday.
Yoga: 3 classes! Hatha, Acro yoga (partnering/acrobatics) and Ashtanga. All were very hard but very fun.
Other activity: Nothing, no time… yoga, yoga, yoga!
– Thank goodness I have yoga to do during this stupid rain.
– I am finally at peace with the fact that I won’t be able to speak with Justin while he’s volunteering.

Day 5 – Friday

Weather: Rain again. Forecast says it should stop on Monday.
Yoga: Very hard. My body is very sore and very tired.
Other activity:
– found internet
– had a great Indian buffet dinner at the retreat with good conversations
– Feel like I need more alone time
– Rain is a bummer because it limits my exploring abilities
– Feeling emotional at the end of 2nd yoga class.

Day 6 – Saturday

Weather: Rain, no rain, rain. Forecast confirms it should stop on Monday.
Yoga: Morning class ok, Acro yoga, skip evening class. Need rest.
Other activity:
– Reiki session, which made me feel incredibly grounded. It’s exactly what I needed.
– Scooting around with no aim during a break in the rain. I even had time to sit on the beach and do some Pranayamas.
– Moral is up
– Feeling calmer, more in tune with myself.

Trying to look at peace in this Acro Yoga asana.

To be continued…