Super heroes, trip accross the bay and sleep!

11.20.06 | Comment?

Goodness, I have been a little lazy on blogging this week…It seems that I have a too demanding sleeping schedule that interferes with my potential bolgging time. I need to reorganize my time!

So anyways, the week has been good, really busy, but with people getting sick around me and me trying hard not to catch the germs…so far so good (thanks to all the sleeping instead of blogging).

Back to interesting… Friday night, we decided to go see a local, small production play at the EXIT Theater called super:anti:reluctant . Basically a play on their interpretation of super heroes and who we sometimes wish we were. More than the subject itself, the way the play was directed and set was particularly interesting.

Super heroes

It was a very low budget production which made them extremely creative as far as use of costumes, set design, sound and even choreography.
The set was basically 5 chairs (totally not matching) and a white paper backdrop with an occasional very low resolution small video playing in the lower right corner. But what was cool, was that they punched holes in the backdrop to grab stuff from behind or throw things into them…pretty cool.
The sound? Well how about an old portable cassette player, with a whole play on switching cassettes according to the scene.
Choreography? Yes there was. They were not dancing (or were they?) but they created a series of movements on the chairs, along with sounds/words they would say. They were very smooth, sharp and together. Good movement language.

In a nutshell, this play was definitely a contrast with the big productions we’ve seen lately (LINES Ballet and MOMIX), but it was a lot of fun!

What else did we do this weekend? Saturday we went to Berkeley to meet with Casey while our new windows were being installed…Check out Justin’s blog to read all about it. ( we saw probably the most intense Sunset ever over the golden Gate Bridge!). And today, I took advantage of the new windows’ noise reduction effect to sleep until noon. Mmmm, how I love them!


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