In the name of God…what the #%&^*@@&%$#@$#*!?!?!

12.13.06 | 3 Comments

I am not a violent person. I don’t like watching violent movies and I don’t support violent games. I don’t even like little kid’s military looking action figures. However I accept the fact that it exists and that other people like the “thrill”. Call me a sissy, I don’t care!

The image of a peaceful and positive world…burning NYC!?!?!

But this new video game reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy pushes my buttons! According to the UK Times Online “The game, Left Behind: Eternal Forces, is set in post-apocalyptic New York and features God’s army battling the Antichrist.” “Players are ordered to convert or kill to advance to the next level and remodel America as a Christian-controlled state, and establish its world vision of Christ’s dominion.”

It’s basically a game that promotes “spiritual warfare”….That’s what fucks up the world for centuries and even millenniums…why would anyone create a game based on racism, intolerance, violence in the name of God, trying to spread the truth? That’s exactly what we fear from the “terrorists”…Who’s promoting terrorism now? What’s up with Christianity’s megalomania? Why can’t there be coexistence of different religions and different beliefs on a same territory (earth) without people wanting to prove that what they believe in is the truth…who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for the christian high ranked community to market and make gazillions of $$$ on crap like this makes me want to puke. No matter how much christian developers “want to provide alternatives to graphic violence”… violence with no blood and no guts, IS STILL VIOLENCE.

The art of killing converting…Scoring “spiritual points”

Ahhhh! I could go on and on! Here’s a few articles that may explain better, calmer and in more details what this piece of crap is about….
UK Times Online
SF Gate

And oh my goodness, check out their brainwashing promo video (granted…graphics are pretty cool, but I’m sorry, seeing New-York burning and people laying dead on the streets has nothing positive about it no matter what the ultimate “message” is supposed to be!!!!! )