I love dance, but am very picky!

01.07.07 | 3 Comments

I took a dance break over the month of December and (a bit of November)…. It was too long! January came by and I needed to start dancing again. It was vital!

I have tried a few classes here and there, at SF Dance Center and City Dance, but they haven’t grabbed me. They were ok and challenging, but I’m more picky than that. I need to feel that the teacher/choreographer I’m taking from has substance, has a “thing”, has depth in what he/she is doing. You know what?…not many people have that!!!

Loose Change
Loose Change dance company

The only people I came across that had that “thing” were Jacqueline Lavielle (my ballet trainer in Fayence, France, who had a true passion and rigor for her art), Angelo Monaco (modern/jazz teacher choreographer in Biot, France, who has a deep philosophical approach to movement, as well as fun), Anna Sanchez (modern teacher from Spain who I took from in a workshop in Corsica. She had such a joy, simplicity, challenge and uniqueness to her style) and Mia Michaels (the only American teacher/choreographer I encountered who had a truly human approach to dance and movement. Very much in touch with emotions and being. I met her twice in a dance convention, and definitely stood out from the outrageously commercial styles promoted there).

And so this week, I went to an Urban Contemporary class at the ODC Commons in SF, taught by Eric Fenn, who also direct the company Loose Change. The studios are brand new and gorgeous!!! Lots was going on when I got there. The class? It was a mix of modern and hip hop, but practiced bare foot. The level was not super challenging, but it’s ok because I knew my body was going to hurt no matter what (and it did!!! Yey!). But the ideas and choreography taught to us were very interesting, flowing, conceptual and fun. I really had this feeling of substance and full under-layer of the work.

Eric Fenn
Eric Fenn

I may need to add you, Eric Fenn, on my list of excellent teachers/choreographer.