The holidays of 1st times

01.02.07 | 4 Comments

Looking back at what I did over this holiday season, I realized I did many things for the first time… I love it!

For the 1st time I…

– took the plane with JustinStocking
– took the bus to the BART to the plane!
– go to Austin
– met Justin’s Mom and brother
– see such a big Christmas tree inside someone’s house (+ very well decorated)
– see so many Santa Clause figurines (Justin’s Mom -Kathy- is a fan)
– go in a supermarket with this many apple selection (Central Market, Austin)
– cut a cookie with a cookie cutterCookies
– ice cookies… Lots of fun!
– make a chocolami (very good!)
– have a stocking (overflowing, I might add) Thank you Santa!
– was at peace with Christmas in a long time
– played DDR until I felt my body needed a great big stretch and my eyes were seeing the wrong arrows.
– took the plane to the BART to the bus home.
– went to William Sonoma in SF (sooo much fun!)Chocolami
– most of the day in bed in a long time
– don’t go to a party for New Year’s Eve ( we had a wine/DDR/pesto pizza making night, which was absolutely awesome!)

I’m feelin’ good :)