Fisherman’s Wharf wonders

02.14.07 | 5 Comments

street corner San Francisco offers many cool sights by just walking around, making turns and stumbling upon stuff…

So, yesterday, I took advantage of my last free afternoon (I’m temping at Federated Media…yey!…just gotta beware for the Justin-Stephanie overload!) to take a long city walk from Nob Hill to Pier 39, longing the water and grabbing the Powell-Hyde cable car back. I had a lot of fun!

On the left, is a street corner I thought had interesting architecture and colors.

Sunset on the bridge

Below left, the good ol’ seals at Pier 39 with their buddies the seagulls.
Below right, the Fisherman’s Wharf crab stands (with not too many crabs that day…)

seagull and sealsCrab stands

Dogs and man looking like a dog


Weird man dressed up as a dog, owning a few dogs looking like his suit and taking pictures of people with the dogs…WEIRD!

spray painter

Above, a spray painting artist…incroyable! Below, some freestylin’ break dancers.

Freeze with clownFreeze


Time to go back home…what a great little impromptu adventure!