Crap, I got tagged

07.11.07 | 2 Comments

Joy recently ‘tagged’ me in the little “8 things about you” blogging game that’s apparently going around. On one hand, Joy, I thank you for thinking of me, on the other hand, I will put aside how much I dislike (not to say hate) these types of chains and play the game my way. It was actually fun reading Joy, Leona and Marcia‘s … I feel like I know them a little better, I like that.

So there will be no rule posting before the post. In fact there will be no rules at all. No tagging anybody else either… but images, yes, there will be (they’re fun!).

Alright, here we go!…

1. Yes, you got it, I don’t like any stupid chain things that make you get other people involved otherwise you may get bad luck, a bad day, no sex, or just bad conscience because you didn’t follow the “rules”. I like to let people do what they want to do.

2. I am generally a very happy person, who embraces the adventures of life.

3. I don’t get annoyed by things very much… only when internet doesn’t work, when people are very late, when someone searches for a loogie deep down in their throat loudly, when people push me around in a crowd or when I’m out of bread… Well maybe I get annoyed more than I thought…

4.When I’m tired, my speech defaults to French.

5. Sometimes, I feel like I’m multiple people and it amazes me.

6. I drink pee water. No just kiddin’ it’s not pee, it just looks like it. It’s Antesite, a French licorice concentrate that dramatically enhances how my water tastes. And I think it makes me pee more than regular water too. Maybe I should call it peeing water.

7. I often think I over-think things. Even this post.

8. As I grow “older” I seem to wear less and less makeup.

9. When I succeed in something or ride around on my Vespa feeling like the queen of the road…it makes me want to scream and do some karate moves of victory.
Comic Book

10. When I’m really tired, my speech defaults to… uh…something that sounds like bglup tysd hudgvca edfte.

11. I looooove sleep. I repairs me in many ways.

12. I love to play with Mac Photo Booth and iPhoto! (these pics were taken and enhanced by myself in about 30 minutes…yeah baby!)