The Secret Garden’s nectar

02.20.08 | 4 Comments

This past weekend we girls (Krista, Marcia, Joy and I) went to the Secret Garden Tea House in San Francisco. We sipped on delicious tea and ate tiny food. It was delightful! It made me want to wear my British accent and get that pinky up there!

Here are a few photographic illustrations of the experience…

Yummy savory treats
food plater

The tea pot’s face
tea pot

The pouring in action
tea pouring

Me trying (but not succeeding very well) to be girly. Courtesy of Joy
Steph with lip gloss

Note to English speakers: The French would say I have “la bouche en cul de poule“, which means “my mouth like a chicken’s ass”. This often refers to how snobby people sort of pinch their lips together and push them forward (kinda like Zoolander) because they’re uptight, which is exactly what I was trying to portray. Don’t ask me why the French language associates it to a poultry’s rectal orifice. See? I’m just not good at being girly, here I am making language comparisons involving chicken’s buttholes on an originally-intended-to-be-lovely blog post.

More photos on Flickr!