A home for my earrings

02.25.08 | Comment?

Do you ever feel like you need something and have a perfect idea of how it should look like or how it should work, but you can’t find anything like it stores? That’s what happened to me when I decided I needed an earring rack. Somewhere to hang my earrings on, instead of having them all tangled in a box. It drove me nuts!

And so I started looking around in various shops and online, without finding anything that looked like what I had in mind. Maybe I didn’t look in the right places? You tell me.

Basta! (“that’s it!” in Italian) I decided to make my own. After a few concept trials (in my head) I decided to go with a simple electrical wire and small wood dowel design.

Earring rack

I made a basic drawing not forgetting the vital elements to beat gravity, I took some fairly small pliers, a wire cutter and on I went! Trying to figure out how the whole thing would stand and stay standing, with my tongue sticking out like a kid, stepping away and coming back to it with fresh ideas every few minutes, like an artist.

Earring rack closeup

It’s far from being perfect! It’s got some funky details and is *almost* very straight.

But hey, now I can eyeball, pick up and put back my earrings neatly in seconds.
I feel like I invented something.


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