Still life study: blood orange

02.28.08 | 4 Comments

I’ve been wanting to paint more lately, but I wasn’t inspired by anything. I didn’t have a great concept, there were no photos I wanted to interpret, it was raining outside and made me kind of uncreative. But Justin nonchalantly suggested I should try painting still life. I think most of the time still life paintings are boring. But I thought to myself, what the heck… I have nothing else better to get into.

I looked around the apartment, found these blood oranges and sliced them up. I made 2 small paintings of 4.5×6″ of acrylics on essentially really thick paper.

Here’s a quarter of the blood orange.

Blood Orange - slice

Here’s a more lateral view, showing the various slice skins.

Blood Orange - lateral cut

Once I was done, I ate them.