Nrrrd Grrrl

03.02.08 | 3 Comments

MC Chris was having a music video competition for his new song Nrrrd Grrrl. I was invited by my dancer friend Heide to participate in the making of one of them… how cool is that?

And so I had the privilege to be Nrrrd Dncrrr #1.

It took a Saturday afternoon (probably more for the main characters) to shoot the whole thing. They dressed me up and did my makeup. I totally felt pampered! The whole crew and process was so fun!!

Nrrrd Dncrrr Stephanie.
Nerrrd Steph

MC Chris has opened an official video contest voting booth. Please, please, please, take a minute and vote for us!!! Our video is called “sexiestgeekalive”. (note: unclear how long we can vote…)
Update 3/4:
voting is over and we didn’t win. Note: there wasn’t anything to win anyways and the picking process seemed random and all over the place, so whatev’.

On YouTube it’s already a total hit! It has 114,000 so far!!!
Update 3/4:
243,000 views on YouTube!! Now that’s winning something, right?
Update 3/10: 660,442 views!!!

Here’s the jem:

You can also find it here.Give it up for Nrrrd Grrrl, yo!