France photo series: Cinque Terre (Italy) and Monaco

06.28.08 | 3 Comments

During our France trip we managed to “get away” for 3 days in Italy. We went to this protected park called “Cinque Terre“, which hides five gorgeous villages on the Italian Mediterranean coast. Oddly, Cinque Terre is little known from the French and even their very own Italians! On the other hand, Americans and English speakers in general seem to be the ones in the know. Go figure!

The landscapes at Cinque Terre are memorable and made me want to come back and spend a week or 2 or 3, to explore every beautiful corners it offers. The most striking are the vineyards… they are on the hills’ steep terraces and have to use this crazy machine on rails to harvest. You’ll see it in the slide show. On our way back, we made a quick stop in Monaco… ahhh la Vita e Bella!!



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