Vieux-Nice painting project: ActI

07.08.08 | 3 Comments

While we were in Nice (France) this past June, we took some night photos of the Vieux-Nice. I especially like the one below, because it reminds me of Van Gogh’s Arles cafe. The blues, reds and gold. So, I decided to make a painting out of it and this time I want to share my process.

I do not have any formal art training, just casual sketching here and there and only in the recent years have I ventured in adding color to my pictorial “essais”.

Vieux Nice Photo

I am attempting this project on a narrow 10×20” canvas and have gotten to only the sketching the outlines part of the process.
I don’t have a set process, but this time it felt good to start that way. I actually used a ruler to measure things out, which could be cheating, but you know what? I don’t care.

Vieux Nice Sketch 1
The lines are very geometric for now, but will only be guides for more freedom later.