I got licked by a butterfly!

07.28.08 | 4 Comments

During a little snack break on our hike up the Horsetail Falls in Desolation Wilderness, a butterfly apparently really liked me. At first it landed and stayed on my t-shirt sleeve, but after a quick flight around, it chose to land (and stay) on my hand.

At first it was just hanging out, opening and closing its wings.


But then, it deployed its long tongue…

… and started to lick me!

I could feel the moisture and cold of the tongue poking at my pores.

It was tickling me.

I don’t know if I tasted sweet or salty or sun-tan lotiony, but it liked me. A lot!

After a good 5-10 minutes just sucking up my juices, my hand got tired and I tried to shoo it away (gently), but it was hanging on… a few seconds later it flew at its own will… Goodbye my ephemorous friend. I hope I fed you well!