The great 08 of 08

08.13.08 | 3 Comments

The month of August 08 will be memorable and it’s not over yet! So much has been going on. So much!

Here’s a semi-organized summary of Stephanie’s world for the past couple of weeks:

  • My co-worker whom I work closely with was hospitalized for two weeks because of an appendix burst. He went through surgery and a not-yet-over pretty painful recovery. So I went to see him pretty much every other day, for entertainment purposes mostly but also to keep him in the work loop (because he wanted to be).
  • My co-worker being “out of service” means I needed to (and still am) cover for him. It was particularly challenging because it was also month end, which is the time of the month when we gather all of last month’s numbers to see how much my little nook of the business made. Read: endless reporting and Excel spreadsheet work.
  • I got called for jury duty… and picked as an alternate juror… and sat at a criminal trial for a week. So basically I was not able to work for most of the day, but squeezed in document work in the random 10-15 minutes pee breaks the court would give us and of course work at night to catch up. Lunch was the only time I could access the internet at the court house, which made that hour very intense.
  • The criminal case involved an assault to a police officer with a deadly weapon (a car) and a hit-and-run. That means a lot of witnesses, testimonies and emotional grown men. The guy was found guilty for both crimes and the sentence will be released in September. The process was intense and every time I got out of there I was shaking a little and had to take a walk. Once I was done with that, I would go to the hospital to visit my cut up buddy or email my life away.
  • Dad and Sabine are officially moving back to France. For good. They packed up their house, sold part of their stuff and put the rest in a container to be shipped over seas. We got to stay over at their place before everything was gone. Although I know this is the best decision they can make right now, the thought of not having them around is a little disorienting. I think that the idea really hit me when Dad told me the house was completely empty and they were giving it back today. I’m so happy for them and amazed at their ability to drop everything and start over. I’m also really happy we’ll be able to see them again before they leave.
  • Tomorrow is FM’s last day in Sausalito!! We’re working from home on Thursday and Monday… ta da da dah, we’re going to work in San Francisco!!!
  • Next week also, I’m performing with Loose Change at YBCA as part of the West Wave Dance Festival. I’m excited, it’s going to be fun (although it was hard to squeeze in the rehearsals).
  • And guess what? Within all of that, I got promoted at FM! Woo! I got the official word and effective date in the hospital “conference room”. :-)

Memorable, I tell ya.