Ça m’énerve!

04.30.09 | 4 Comments

The other day I was listening to the French Radio at work, when they played the song of a dude named Helmut Fritz, called “Ça m’énerve”. Never heard of it before, but it was really fun, silly and disco-ey. I liked it!

Excited and amused, I decide to show it to Justin, for grins and giggles… you know, to keep him up to date on French silliness. The video is totally tacky, it’s a total bling-bling parody. Check it out, it’s pretty funny!

After muscling through it until the end, we were like “who the heck is Helmut Fritz?”. And so we Google around and found this illustrated biography. It’s pretty much a video collage explaining the dude’s life. Really well done, actually. Check it out:

Did you really check it out? No, really, check it out…. especially at 0:39. Anything look familiar? Any flashbacks from October 07?? Who’s riding that Vespa???


It’s me!!! I mean, what are the chances?

They took the picture below, flipped it the other way, outlined the silhouette and pasted Helmut’s face on mine. Unbelievable!!


It doesn’t stop here… I’m also apparently riding across his official website as a clickable icon for more information on a contest that already happened.


Apparently Helmut’s designer views him as riding a Vespa, ok. Sticking a leg out, ok. With striped stockings? Hm, ok. And heels? Uh hmm, ok. With a big pointy orange helmet/hat?? Uh hmm, uhhh, really? I mean if they photoshopped the dude’s face on me, they were probably talented enough to cut off the hat and erase the heel off the boot. But no. Apparently, Helmut is a greedy, cross dressing, annoyed-at-everything, Vespa riding millionaire.
Should I get “credit” for this?