I never thought I would like yoga

04.27.09 | 1 Comment

Ok, I just gave it away in the title… I used to think I didn’t like yoga and then I tried it again. Guess, what? I liked it!

In the past, I tried the hot kind, Bikram. It seriously annoyed me because I was feeling unusually hot, I was breathing everybody else’s hot air and then I was drenched in sweat and would go outside in the cold. Brrrrr.

After that experience, I convinced myself I hated it. Voices in my head would tell me “I can’t stay still”, ” I don’t like holding a pose forever, my brain gets bored and irritated”, “I need movement”, “I’m not a hippie”.

All of these voices polluted and fogged up the perception of myself and the different kinds of yoga I could try. I’ve been sticking to Pilates since I sorta stopped dancing and then I did nothing during the winter. Yes, my belly rolls have grown. So spring popped its head out (although today it still felt like winter) and I decided to try something new. I dragged my butt to a yoga studio a few blocks away from work and took a beginners Iyengar class. To be honest, I don’t know what that means.

The class was slow, it used props and the instructor twisted us in many directions. I have to say, I don’t feel like I got a workout from this class, but I got a massage. A nice, deep spine massage all the way up to my tight shoulders and neck. I will go back.


1 Comment